House rules

Staff instructions should be obeyed at all times. Inform the checkout in case of fire, emergencies, aggression and other calamities (020-5985100). Do not use the elevator in case of fire.

We do not purchase alcoholic drinks to visitors younger than 18 years old.

Smoking is not allowed in the Griffioen.

It is not allowed to take drinks into the theater hall; however, you can bring them into the movie hall.

Access control
For theater shows and movies, tickets and proofs of discount will be checked at the entrance of the hall.

Mobile devices switched off
It is not allowed to use any mobile device in the Griffioenzaal and movie hall during theater shows and movies.

On time
After the start of a theater show, it is not allowed to enter the hall. In this case, purchased tickets will not be refunded.

It is obliged to purchase a valid membership in order to use our music rooms and pop studios.

The Griffioen is not liable for damage, loss or robbery of personal belongings. Using the cloakroom is at one’s own risk: it is not guarded.

Lost properties 
Lost properties can be handed over at the checkout.

We do not allow unwanted intimacies, racism or discrimination. Threatening, abuse and other forms of aggression are prohibited and will lead to an immediate deportation and abnegation of entrance to the Griffioen.

Drugs and weapons
It is not allowed to use, sell or carry any form of drugs. It is also strictly prohibited to carry knives and weapons.

Damage and robbery
In case of robbery or on purpose damaging belongings of the Griffioen, we will always make a declaration.

Pictures and film
It is not allowed to make pictures and / or to record in the Griffioenzaal and movie hall, unless agreed differently before.

Violating these house roules is a reason for Griffioen staff to ask you to leave the building. Whose behavior is not line with the house rules above, will receive one warning. Repetition of unwanted behavior will lead to deportation plus two months of abnegation of entering the Griffioen. When observing prosecutable facts, we will always inform the police.

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