Algemene Verhuurvoorwaarden


The prices on this website do not include value-added taxes unless mentioned differently. A supplement fee of 10 % is charged for all hired services and materials. No rights can be derived from the information on this website.

A part of the day is four hours, an evening is six hours. If you would like to make a reservation, please contact our rental department at least one week in advance. It is possible to make an optional reservation. These options need to be confirmed at least six weeks before the event. Invoices are paid after the event. In some cases, we ask you to provide a bail.

We charge € 30,- an hour for bartenders and duty managers during working days and € 40,- during weekends. For technicians, this fee is € 40,- during working days and € 50,- during weekends. The overall personnel costs are calculated after the event. If you are organizing a theater show in the Griffioen hall, it is obliged to rent a Griffioen show host. We charge € 30,- an hour for this member of staff.


During an event in the Griffioen, two staff members are always obliged with regard to the safety of your guests.


In case of cancellation by the renting party, we charge the following costs:

  • Before three months of the event: no costs.
  • Before one month of the event: 25 % of the total sum.
  • Before one week of the event: 50 % of the total sum.
  • Cancellation of the event in less than one week before the start, we charge 100 % of the total sum.


The Griffioen is open on working days from 9.00 till 23.30 hours. This is why you need to keep in mind that we charge staff costs for opening the building during weekends. The Griffioen is also closed on national holidays and in the summer.

delivery of spaces

All halls are provided with the standard equipment which we use for our activities. We charge extra costs for putting chairs and tables in formation and providing supplemental furniture. After the event, the rooms need to be cleaned and to be put in the original condition. If this will not be done properly, we can charge additional costs for cleaning.


The Griffioen is a smoke-free building. It is not allowed to smoke in any of our halls, except in the smoking area in the lobby. Smoke detectors are placed in the whole building. If the fire brigade is called by misuse, extra costs are charged upon the offender.

Limitation of License

Due to the limitations of our license, we do not hire venues in the Griffioen for parties and weddings.

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