Music rooms and Pop Studios

music rooms: space For any instrument

The Griffioen houses four music rooms, all with piano. They are suitable for playing the violin or any other instrument. Reservations can be made at our desk for a maximun of two hours a day. The rooms are intended for individual rehearsing.

Opening hours: monday till friday 10 am till 10 pm.

You need to buy a membership at our ticket office, this is possible monday till friday from 5 pm till 10.30 pm. We offer four different memberships:

for two hours,

for a month,

for three months

and for half a year. 

The fees below are respectively for students / VU-employees / others.

Two hours:      € 7,- / € 11- / € 14,-
One month:     € 16,- / € 36,- / € 40,-
Three months: € 31,- / € 62,- / € 72,-
Half a year:     € 46,- / € 87,- / 97,-


pop studios: BANDS WELCOME!

Drums, electric piano, guitar, bass and keyboard amplifiers and PA system are provided in both the pop studios. 

Each band member must have a valid subscription. The costs are € 11,- (students) / € 17,- (employees and PhD-students VU) / € 19,- (other) per year.

In addition the band pays the rate of € 10, – per hour. It’s also possible to rent symbals and mics: € 3,- per rehearsal.

The studios can be reserved for 2 hours a day.

Opening hours: monday till friday 4 p.m. – 10 p.m. All band members must be able to show some proof of identity.

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